Free professional photography services in Nairobi

Free Professional Photography in Nairobi, Kenya
You’ve got a camera, you know your way around Lightroom or Photoshop fairly well, and you can produce some really nice images… but how do you start making money from this skill set? The answer? Work for free until you can start charging. In an ideal setting, this means that you have fallback income to help you continue making payments like rent or food while you pursue your photography business.

In order to get your photography business started, you need to create a portfolio of images for clients that have “paid” for your work. The best way to do this is by offering free sessions or photo projects to your friends, family, or local business (depending on the market you are trying to capture) for free, in exchange for them posting about your session and how much they enjoyed it on social media or another channel.

When new leads come to you from these posts, you can charge your standard fee instead of doing it for free.

Professional photography in Nairobi, Kenya - Corporate video production services

“I help you. You help me.” Often times, it’s easy to see “free work” as a win-lose situation – but smart entrepreneurs can twist these situations into lucrative opportunities.

Say one of your local businesses asks you for free photos for some of the new clothing coming into their store. Initially, you think that it would be best to decline.

But you, the savvy photography business owner, see an opportunity. Instead of working “for free,” you decide to strike a deal with the local business. In exchange for your photos, you are allowed to choose the equivalent amount in clothing for yourself or friends. (Although somewhat selfish, this often works.) In addition to the clothing, the local business agrees to give you, at minimum, five shout outs or tags on Instagram as well as the contacts for any of their business owner friends, to whom you can pitch your service. A fair trade for a fair amount of work…

Professional photography in Nairobi, Kenya - Corporate video production services

Professional photography in Nairobi, Kenya – Corporate video production services

In Nairobi, Kenya Professional or Corporate photography is not regarded by all as something worth investing your money in, for this reason clients can be convinced of the value you bring to their business by offering free shoots. for instance if the pictures are to go on a website, the client should be able to measure the difference in conversions with professional photos against their amateur images probably taken by a mobile phone.